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Saturday, April 26, 2008

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A Closer Look At Some Of The Investment Myths In The Foreign Exchange Markets

By Greg Hall

A common misconception among many newcomers to the Forex market is that they think just because they have seen people making huge sums of money trading currency that they can accomplish the same results just as quick. A common misconception among many newcomers to the Forex market is that they think just because they have seen people making huge sums of money trading currency that they can accomplish the same results just as quick. Just like anything else there is a learning curve plus there is a lot of research and strategy that goes on behind the scenes to make a trade successful. I have written this article to help you avoid some of the more common investment myths so you will know what to realistically expect when you begin trading.

Just like any other market investing, you must be disciplined to be successful in foreign currency trading if you intend to be successful at it. Another key point that you must always keep in mind is that your investments are open to risk just because of the nature of trading. Forex trading can be very volatile and things change rapidly throughout the day so you have to constantly stay on top of what is happening to protect against loss. Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme; it can be a get poor quick scheme if you aren't careful though.

All trading brings with it inherent risk. If it were totally risk free everyone would be doing it and everyone would be wealthy. Obviously this is not the case. If you intend to make a large profit then you will have to assume risks. The larger the potential windfall, the larger the risk is that you take. Do not enter the Forex market if you are not prepared to accept the risk of loss that comes along with it. With that said, there is a lot that you can do to minimize the risk. For starters, you should educate yourself on the systems and study the market before you invest. Another good strategy is to set up a demo account that works just like a real one, except you are not investing with real money. Once you get comfortable with it and you are picking way more winners than losers you can move into actual trading with real currency.

Another misunderstood investment technique is that of leveraging, which can be very good or very, very bad. Many people who don't have much money to invest will often get a credit line to trade with so they can increase the potential profits. However, it also comes with the greatest risk of loss. The problem is that people think this is something than can be done easily by anyone and that is simply not the case. Only those who have been trading in the market for a number of years best use this principle. All it takes is one bad pick and then not only have you lost money, you now owe money.

Forex trading is for discretionary funds, money that you don't need. If you are barely paying your bills you don't belong in the Forex market. It is a volatile and rapidly changing market that will eat you up if you don't know what you are doing. Take the time to learn the market before you jump in and make sure you get with a reputable company who is willing to teach you the ropes before you commit your resources.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as foreign currency trading at

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As a rule of thumb, 20 MAs in 8 hour, day, week and month are useful for its directional tendency and as a resistance and support point. Not sure how much it is useful in daytrading though.
Please have a look at Eur/Usd and Usd/Jpy weekly 10 RSI and Aud/Usd monthly 10 RSI "patterns", not levels. Then you will find out primitive things work better when coupled with even simpler MAs. And RSI is useful "only in these weekly and monthly time scale" as far as I can see. You can ignore RSI in short-term scales as the inventor of RSI, Wilder, told us long ago.

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The trends in price movement are another factor when using technical analysis. This means that there are patterns in the market behavior that have been known to be a contributing factor in the Forex. These patterns are usually repeating over time and can often be a consistent factor when forecasting the Forex market. Another factor that is taken into consideration when forecasting the Forex is history. There are definite patterns in the market and these are usually reliable factors. There are several charts that are taken into consideration when forecasting the Forex market using technical analysis. The five categories that are look at include indicators, number theory, waves, gaps and trends.

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